Sour Soup at Cyclo Resto




–         Shrimp:10

–         Okras+ taro trees: 0,2kg( chosen green color)

–         Tomato:1fruit

–         Pineapple: 0,2kg

–         Ripe tamarind juice: 0,3 kg

–         Garlic+ onion:0,2kg

–         Chili: 1 fruit

–         Prow+ Cilantro

–         Bean sproud: 0,1kg

–         Spices:4 sp sugar, 2sp chicken stock, 2sp fish sauce ,½ sp pepper


–         Shrimp: pelling out the shell, take the vent out( two of black lines),clean them clearly.

–         Tomato: cut in 6 parts.

–         Pineapple: cut in thin slide.

–         Okras: cutting the top ,the tail and cut them in cross line, just thin pieces.(3cm in thickness) .

–         Garlic and onion: chopped in very minced.

–         Prow,  cilantro: cutting in minced for decoration and get more flavor.


–         Shrimp: they were marinate with 1sp onion, ½ sp pepper, ½ sp sesame oil, 1sp chicken stock  about 5 minutes.

–         Turn on fire, make hot the pan, pour oil on pan, wait for over heat.

–         Add 2 garlic, stir them with oil until garlic become brown.

–         Add tomato, pinaple ,keep going stir them about more than 1minute.

–         Add boiled water(700 ml)

–         Wait for soup boiling again, add some more spices includes: sugar, chicken stock, fish sauce, tamarind juice.  We take scum skim out( the bubble on surface soup)

–         Add taro trees , okras( had been made up and cut in thin slide), wait for boiling again about more 4 minutes)

–         Turn off  fire, put shoot bean (bean sprout), prow, cilantro

–         Take the soup out the big bowl, put somE pieces chili on the top, make more delicious.

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