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Stuff Pumpkin Flowers With Mince Pork at cyclo resto

STUFF PUMPKIN FLOWERS WITH MINCE PORK Ingredient                       –        mince pork : 0,3 kg –         mince mushroom : 2 table spoon –        pumpkin flowers : 10 –        fried garlic : 1 table spoon –      sesame oil : 1 tea spoon – rice flour : 2 big spoons – chicken stock : 1 tea spoon – fish sauce : 1 tea […]

Chicken noodle soup at Cyclo Resto

Chicken noodle soup Ingredient: – Chicken breast, chicken bone, corn, turnip, carrot, onion, ginger – cinnamon, anise star, close, coriander seed, cardamon – beansprout, coriander, spring onion, vegetables, rice noodle. Method: – washing chicken bone and clean it in boiling water 2 minutes. – slow cooking chicken born, carrot, turnip, corn 3 hour after high […]

Green melon soup with shrimps at cyclo resto

Green melon soup with shrimps Ingredient –         Green melon: 1 (Bầu) –         Shrimp : 5 (tôm) Spices: –         Sugar:  1 little  spoons( đường) –         Chicken stock: 2 spoons –         water:  350 ml( nước) –         Pepper:  ½ spoons( tiêu) –         Fish sauce: 1table  spoon (nước mắm) –         Vegetable oil: 1 table spoon( dầu thực vật) –         […]


FRESH SPRING ROLLS   Ingredients: –         Fresh rice paper, shrimp, pork meat, rice noodle –         Herbs: mints, perillas, lectuces, shallots. Method –         Boiling shrimp in water about 2 minutes, take off shell and cut in half. –         Boiling pork meat about ten minutes and cut in slide. –         Clean clearly all vegetables –         Cover 1 […]

Sour Soup at Cyclo Resto

SOUR SOUP WITH SHRIMP   Ingredient: –         Shrimp:10 –         Okras+ taro trees: 0,2kg( chosen green color) –         Tomato:1fruit –         Pineapple: 0,2kg –         Ripe tamarind juice: 0,3 kg –         Garlic+ onion:0,2kg –         Chili: 1 fruit –         Prow+ Cilantro –         Bean sproud: 0,1kg –         Spices:4 sp sugar, 2sp chicken stock, 2sp fish sauce ,½ sp pepper Method […]

Soup Pork With Five Vegetables at Cyclo Resto Restaurant in Hồ Chí Minh

Soup Pork With Five Vegetables at Cyclo Resto Restaurant in Hồ Chí Minh FIVE COLOURS SOUP Ingredient: Pork ribs: 0.3 kg Potato, carrot, green pepper, radish, turnip:1 bulb Green onion and coriander: 1gram Sugar:1 spoon, chicken stock:2 spoon, pepper:1/2 spoon, fish sauce: 1 spoon, garlic, onion   Preparation: Clean green onion and garlic cut into […]

Fried morning glory with garlic at Cyclo Resto

Fried morning glory with garlic Ingredient: –         Morning glory: 0.5  kg –         Minced garlic: 1 tablespoon –         Chicken stock: 1 tablespoon –         Pepper : little –         Fish sauce: little Method: –         Make up morning glory clearly. –         Boiling morning glory and add some salt in order to keep green. –          Fried garlic about minute to […]