Tripadvisor Reviewer of Cyclo Resto Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City

Tripadvisor Reviewer of Cyclo Resto Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City

Cute date with my girfriend learning to cook viet dishes Highly recommend, great experience. There was only us 2 and the chef so we got plenty of attention and chances to try. Perfect english, attention to detail and we even learnt how to make a rose out of a tomato.

Vietnamese Cooking class
Chef Lee was a great teacher. We learned Vietnam words to buy our food in the local market. We cooked delicious meat and vegetarian dishes. We also made vegetable decorations.
We had fun and learned to cook 4 dishes. They were all tasty. Le was a very good instructor. We had the cyclo trip to the market, it was fun.

Leaving this review for my wife. I bought her this cooking experience as she loves cooking different types and styles of food. She was picked up at our hotel by cyclo on time and a short tour around town before heading to the market. Then on to the Restuarant to start cooking with chef Vu. She absolutely loved it and is looking forward to cooking the recipes when we get home.

Great class; classically-trained chef I would have preferred to skip the Cyclo tour through the city but the class with Chef Vu was great. He is classically-trained, using many methods I learned here in Los Angeles. Well worth it.

Chef Le was an excellent teacher who had many tips and tricks for making Vietnamese food at home. As we were picked up by the Cyclo bikes which are these bike-powered chariots, it was a nice refreshing slower pace to take a little time and see the area from our hotel to the market area. At the market, the guide had each person be involved with the grocery shopping, speaking directly to the vendors. We learned a lot about the various ingredients. And the market had even more interesting things to see, like various meats, seafood and veggies that you could only imagine an food market in Vietnam would have. At the class, we stuffed some pumpkin flowers with a filling then cooked them in a wok. This was a easy cooking technique that I would never seek out to learn or try at home on my own, but glad I did. It was light, tasty and delicious. We also made some Pho and other native dishes, all that showed some excellent repeatable cooking techniques to try back home. The class size was small, with about 8 people from all around the world and that made the class more interesting. Chef Le made the class fun with good humor balanced with hands-on cooking techniques that were appropriate for all cooking experience levels. He showed us first and then we all tried what he showed. We learned everything from how to prep the spices all the way to make an impressive garnish to plate and present the food. In the end, all the food was very delicious and I look forward to trying it again at home.

Fun and enjoyable class We had an amazing time. The cyclo tour was nice to start the morning. At the market we had Vietnamese coffee and go the ingredients. The highlight was Chef Le’s class and teaching us the knife skills and all the dishes we learned. It was such a nice time and a great small group experience. The highlight of our trip.

Unique & rewarding experience in HCMC We had such an eye-opening experience on this tour. The cyclo riders were very skilled and guided us through HCMC city. Jack, our guide through the Ben Thanh market, was so informative, humorous and patient with teaching us vietnamese. Lastly, Chef Le taught us to cook 4 dishes, together with knife skills and how to decorate our dishes with panache. It was truly a rewarding and unique experience that I cannot recommend more! Thank you to the team at Cyclo Resto for the wonderful service.

Had a fantastic time with our guide ivy buying ingredients at Ben Thanh market. After that an interactive cooking class with Chef Le preparinh 4 yummy dishes which we had for lunch!

Chef Vu taught us basic knife skills before actual cooking. At every dish, he showed us step by step and followed through at every steps. Taught us how to decorate the plate using tomato and cucumber. Food are really good! Love the pho!

Best cooking class We loved our cooking class with Chef Le. His english is good and he explains everything to make the best of our class. We also loved the cyclo ride and the tour in the market with our guide. The menu was perfect and delicious 🙂

Highly Recommend
Great class with healthy cooking recipes!!! Definitely worth the time and it includes a mini cyclo tour from your District 1 or District 3 hotel.

Value for money and time well spent The cooking class was held at “Cyclo Resto”, Unit 28 No 6 Cach Mang Thang Tam Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City 70000. My wife was given a half-hour tour of city centre on a cyclo, starting from our hotel and ending at Ben Thanh Market, where a guide helped her to shop for cooking ingredients based on her choice of dishes to cook. At the cooking class, held in a spacious room upstairs, my wife learnt how to cook Vietnamese pancake, melon soup, fried pumpkin flowers (stuffed with minced pork) and simmered pork. Chef Vu and his two assistants showed how the ingredients were prepared, then showed the cooking process. My wife had the opportunity to practice every step shown and was given excellent guidance. She could ask for clarification whenever needed. So she cooked the dishes very well. She also learnt to create decorations from cucumber and tomato. After the cooking lessons, my wife and I enjoyed the tasty dishes she cooked, at the dining room on the ground floor. We were given steamed rice to go with the food and delicious egg coffee for dessert. It was an enjoyable experience, and my wife picked up useful cooking skills. It was value for money and time well spent. We had the recipes emailed to us so that my wife could cook the dishes correctly back home.

est food ever! This was our last activity after a two week holiday all across Vietnam and this was one of the best experiences! After being picked up in a cyclo, we went to the markets to buy food. We then went to the kitchen to learn the basics and off we went cooking up a storm! Chef Vu was incredibly helpful and didn’t rush us. The food we made was probably the best we had our entire stay. I highly recommend this activity! Thank you!

Sizzling Class We got picked up from our hotel in a cyclo and was taken to the markers to get some fresh ingredients. Then walked to the restaurant. Chef was very knowledgeable and funny. We made zucchini flowers, sizzling pancake, lemongrass chicken and pho. It was easy to make with the help of Chef. Thank you very much for a memorable experience.

Fantastic experience What an absolutely fabulous tour, the cyclo tour from hotel to venue, the cooking school and the trip to the market were all fantastic. We had so much fun, Chef Le and his team were so good. Not only a great cooking lesson and a wonderful meal but also a wonderful experience. A must do in Ho Chi Minh.

un and interesting cooking class with the cyclo team and Chef Vu We learnt a few Vietnamese classic dishes, so easy to cook and they all turned out really well. The trip to buy ingredients at the market was fun and a bit of an eye opener.

A Great Half Day Experience
A fun day incorporating numerous activities: velocycle, market, cooking, eating, laughing…. Great for all ages!

Saucy day out with the bois Chef Le is a top geez. Sorted us out with some naughty dishes and the chat to match. Would definitely do again. Also got a free pram ride to the kitchen which did me bits and pieces.

Chef Le – POWER!! Remember to bring tip for the Cyclo drivers that pick you up and bring you to the restaurant as they will ask for it after. The staff were friendly and the market visit was quite informative as they guide you in the market on which and how to buy the ingredients. The cooking class was fun, interactive, and informative. Chef Le is an entertaining teacher and makes sure that everyone understands what is happening. Chef Le loves to smash his ingredients. Lol. Suggest you arrive with an empty stomach because you’ll likely not be able to finish your food.

Most genuine (and delicious) Vietnam experience!! Chef Vu was 10 out of 10 in every way! His English was incredible & his family owned business clearly was built on passion, talent, and love. The trip to the market and learning some of the Vietnamese language was an experience in itself. Then coming back and cooking with our hand picked ingredients was a real treat and confidence booster! (Come hungry!!) We ended with hugs and will definitely visit Vu again in our future trips!

Personalized cooking class with Chef Le My friends and I were very impressed with Chef Le’s systematic and meticulous method of teaching . His laid back style and sense of humour helped esp when some of us were novice cooks .Understanding his instructions were easy too as he is quite fluent in English. We esp appreciated the little tips he gave us on ‘knifing ‘ skills and veggie carving .All the 4 dishes we requested to learn we done on time with fresh ingredients and made a very delicious lunch!  To polish off this lovely meal we were served coffee with egg!! This is the first time we’ve had Vietnamese coffee served in this manner and I HIGHLY recommend everyone to try this at least once! Initially we were apprehensive because we’ve never had coffee with egg?! However, we are very glad we took the ‘leap of faith!’ The rich aroma of the coffee coupled with the smoothness of the egg yolk being ‘whipped’ into the warm coffee made the ‘dessert’ taste like tiramisu with a twist! W

Cooking class Had a great fun today, chef Le is so amazing, learned lot of things and enjoy the sumptous food i made in the cooking session especially the deep fried spring rolls..Pho is so great so as the egg coffee for complimentary after lunch, my first time to have this …..very commendable,Maraming Salamat and Mabuhay! Ghie from the Philippines!!

Worth it! I just love vietnamese cuisine so much so when I saw that a short cooking class was available, I quickly booked this class. Chef Le was very accomodating and informative. I can not believe that the palatable food that I ate was cooked by me! I would definitely recommend this to everyone who wants to learn how to cook vietnamese cuisine! PS. The fried spring roll is DIVINE!

Best cooking experience in Vietnam
You can’t find a better place to learn and experience the culture of Vietnam. Chef Le is amazing and easy to understand no matter what language you speak.

Great cooking experience Our hotel is near to the Ben thanh market so we did not join the cyclos tour. We had a market tour with the guide introducing the ingredients and doing the shopping tgt. We then headed back to the place and welcome by Chef Le. He is funny and patient and provided all the instructions u need for the cooking so as the tips and techniques. We made the spring roll, pancake, morning glory and chicken pho, all were delicious and easy to make. Luckily we skipped the breakfast, if not I dun believe we can finish all of them. Thank you Le and highly recommend the class to pp who want to try the real Vietnamese style.

Tastiest class ever Learned so much! Not just how to cook, but how to keep it healthy, proper knife control, and presentation. At the end of the class we were given a copy of the recipes and a package of spices so we can make our own Pho at home. Hands down recommend for all groups and all ages.

Great Chef, yummy food and fun class We had so much fun with Chef Le and family. He is a skilful, culinary master: his recipes, techniques and flavours were unforgettable. Delicious food; a great experience! Recommended.

Best cooking class Our cooking class with Chef Vu (and the market trip) was so much fun! Chef Vu was very patient, lots of fun and the food was delicious. I can’t wait to get back home and make it all!!

I love cooking class! Great experience! We have three persons, joying cooking class trip with another four kind persons. The cooking class start from picking us up at hotel by cycle to the market and buy the ingredients, after this, Chief Le teach us with his professional and funny way. We learn how to cook soup of Pho & Fried spring rolls & Fried morning glory & Pancake. We love every food we cooked, all are tasty.

Great cooking class! My girlfriend and I booked this class because we wanted to learn more about Vietnamese food and cooking while in Saigon, and it was a great experience! The staff are all very friendly from the chef and the kitchen staff to the guide who took us through the market and introduced us to the local ingredients. Our group made four dishes: fried spring rolls, stir fried vegetables and garlic, Vietnamese pancake with shrimp and mushrooms, and chicken pho. This is definitely a memorable way to spend the morning and early afternoon.

Amazing cooking class in Ho Chi Minh !! This was by far the best experience we had during our trip! Chef Vu wa really dedicated and showed us amazing techniques, from cooking to how to make the best decoration for your dish. We had a great morning there and enjoyed the market tour where we could buy all the ingredients for our recipes. At the end it was so tasteful ! Thanks in advance for sending us the recipes and thank you again for this great moment together! Camille & Clement

What a marvellous experience! We booked Chef Vu cooking class a couple of months in advance, from Canada, with no real idea of what it might be, but it looked like fun. It exceeded our expectations! Our group of 8 (of different ages and origins) met and headed out to the iconic BenTranh market to buy the things needed for the cooking school. That was just the start of the fun. After the market, a short walk took us to a quiet laneway off the noisy main road to the Cyclo Resto, the location of the cooking class. It’s the kind of place that you might hesitate to enter, based on its outside appearance, but we were quickly and warmly greeted and we settled in for a short break with bottles of cold water provided. We then headed upstairs to the cooking classroom which was perfect for the eight of us. Donning our aprons (provided) we began the adventure. The instruction was excellent, the menu was interesting and we were all able to turn out some pretty decent results. After nearly three hours which flew by, we headed downstairs to the restaurant area with food in hand to eat everything that we had prepared. Our meal finished with delicious Vietnamese egg coffee (included). We truly enjoyed this entire experience and recommend it to others without hesitation.

Not to be missed! What a great day. From the cyclo trip in the morning and shopping in the market to the cookery class itself. We were with Chef Le who’s English was very good and instruction easy to understand and had a great sense of humour. They arranged a vegetarian option for me, and the food was delicious. Highly recommended.

Great half a days cooking! My wife & I got picked up from our hotel in district 1 by rickshaw / cycle. We were taken for a leisurely 30 min ride around the city to Ben Thanh market, the drivers didn’t seem bothered that we didn’t offer them a tip. We were introduced to a man called Tin and a Japanese couple who were also doing the cookery class. Tin took us round the market to buy the fresh ingredients we would need through the day. The market was quite something, a good opportunity for some street photograph of you are into that. We then walked to the restaurant which took about ten minutes. Waiting for us was Chef Le, a friendly guy who spoke good English. We made sauteed veg with garlic, spring rolls, crispy pork pancakes and chicken Pho. My veggie wife was offered alternatives to all this which was handy. Some knife skills were demonstrated as were some plate decoration ideas with some tomatoes and cucumber. Things were explained well throughout and it’s a pretty laid back experience. We then got to eat everything we had made before leaving at around 12:40. Half a day well spent!

un and interesting Informative and fun 3 hours with chef Le. Our two boys 10 and 14 also enjoyed it and managed to cook as well as the adults in the group. Lots of food to eat so have a light breakfast!

Awesome class and delicious food! Fantastic cooking class with lots of delicious food! Chef Le was the best! We learnt to make ban xeo (Vietnamese pancake), chicken pho, deep fried spring rolls and morning glory with a bonus egg coffee to finish. Cyclo trip to start the day was a unique experience

Cyclo Tour + Cooking Class: Having fun and learning something new! Our cooking class + cyclo tour to Ben Thanh Market was a wonderful experience! We met the cyclo tour riders at our AirBnB at the specified time, who then took us on a very scenic ride around the Notre Dame before dropping us at the market. We met our tour guide there who then took us through the market buying us fresh ingredients for the class. At the the class, we learned to cook 3 Vietnamese dishes, as well as cooking basics (like dicing techniques) and more advanced decorative tricks (like making a rose out of tomato slices!). Our teacher, Chef Le, was very charismatic, helpful, and easy to follow. We loved the experience of learning more about common Vietnamese ingredients and then enjoying the feast we cooked at the end! My group of friends and I highly recommend experiencing this cyclo tour plus cooking class if you’re in Ho Chi Minh and looking for a blend of cultural and practical. Don’t forget to tip the hardworking cyclo tour guides and chef! They are lovely people!

POWER! Haha okay. Our Chef, Le, was fantastic about teaching us the basics of knifework before we even started. The tour to buy groceries at Binh Tahn was also fantastic. We made four dishes, Vietnamese Crepe, deep fried egg rolls, chicken pho,-!; papaya salad. 10/10 would recommend

Great experience, delicious food! My parter and I came for his birthday. The cyclo ride was a great way to get a view of District 1. The class wasn’t rushed and the chef took his time showing the various knife techniques they use. The food was fresh, light but really tasty. I would absolutely recommend this if you are looking for a cooking class experience.

Don’t miss this unique experience The day started when we were picked up on a cyclo, with short tour of the city before being delivered to the fresh food market. Our guides met us there and we bought the ingredients for the 4 meals we were going to cook. The guide explained each ingredient. We then had a short walk to the restaurant. Met by a chef we prepared the ingredients for the meals. All meals were prepared by ourselves & then had lunch of the food we made. It was so fresh & tasty. For what we got I cannot believe the price. final treat of desert coffee.

Fun cooking class! We had a wonderful time with Chef Le and crew at their cooking class. The walk through the market to buy our ingredients for the class was fun and we chose what we wanted to cook for the class. The restaurant was set up with cooking stations for each person and the Chef taught us knife skills and how to impress with a tomato swan. The food was amazing! We loved the pho and vietnamese pancakes.

Great class and Yummy food My husband and I really enjoyed learning from Chef Le, not only first the knife skills for preparing our delicious food dishes but even to make a decorative tomato rose for our Vietnamese pancake plating. Cooking was fun and all dishes were yummy, including the egg coffee dessert. The cyclo ride was a bit unnerving with all speeding cars and scooters passing but still historically interesting to experience.

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