Recepie of vietnamese pancake at Cyclo Resto

Recepie of Vietnamese Pancake



 Pancakes flour 2 big spoons , 0.1kg shrimp, pork meat 0.1kg, 0.3kg lettuce, minced coriander and green onion 0.2kg.pork fat , bean sprout .


 _ 2 big spoons pancake flour mixed with 6 big spoons water, put a little coriander and green onion, mixed well,

_ spiced shrimp and pork with 1 spoon oyster sauce, a little sugar, a little pepper, 1 spoon paprika oil, 1 spoon soya sauce, half spoon chili sauce. Mix together.

Cooking method:

_ put about 2 table spoons oil in the pan, wait oil hot enough , put all shrimp and pork inside, stir quickly , sometimes put a little water for not burning and stir about 4 minutes , then take it out .

_ make hot a new pan, then put pork fat inside, keep the pork fat around the pan to take the oil , when it’s enough about 2 table spoon oil, take the pork fat out, put 4 spoons mixed pancake flour in the middle of the pan and turn the pan around to make a full circle.. After that slow heat and wait about 10 minutes the pancake automatic  remove the pan, then put bean sprout half side of the pancake , put shrimp and pork on the top the bean sprout, cover the others side of the pancake , then take it out,

_ Fish sauce eat with pancake: 2 spoons fish sauce, 2 spoons sugar, 1 spoon water, half spoon minced garlic, a little minced chili and 1 spoon lemon juice, mix together.

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